Open source

30 April 2020 📝 creativcoder

Open source projects and contributions.


Avrow - Avrow is a pure Rust implementation of the Avro specification with serde support.

Cargo-docco - Cargo subcommand to generate literate programming style source code documentation.

Templar: A simple template engine in Python

Brainfcuk - An optimizing brainfuck interpreter written in Rust using a custom intermediate representation.

Fender - A web scraper implemented using Jon's fantoccini library.


Rustc compiler:

Cargo - Rust's package manager

Servo: An experiemntal browser engine in Rust

Clap - Command line argument parser

Suckit - A web crawler in Rust

Wee_alloc - Web Assembly's compact memory allocator

Mutagen - Mutation testing framework in Rust

Rust-rosetta: Rosetta code problems in Rust

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